Virtual glasses try-on

3D Virtual Glasses Try-On

Interactive augmented reality try-on solution for the eyewear industry.

The 3DefineMe mobile application enables your customers to try on your glasses collection by virtually putting your frames on the photorealistic 3D images of their faces in an engaging and comfortable way.

The 3Defineme app

3DefineMe is a unique 3D virtual glasses try-on iOS mobile application based on our patented Mirror Stereo technology.

Our app creates augmented reality 3D face models from photos taken in front of a mirror with the front and rear cameras of an iPhone at the same time. After '3Define'-ing themselves, users can enjoy the augmented reality experience by virtually trying on glasses and sunglasses of different styles.

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Main features

Patented Mirror Stereo calibration technology

State-of-the-art 3D face modelling based on facial landmark point estimation

After taking photos in front of a mirror users can virtually try on eyewear anywhere, even on the go. Mirror, Internet and data connection are not needed for the try-on.

As glasses are required to be taken off only for the time of taking photos with the app, even people wearing glasses with corrective lenses can see how different frames would look on them.

Eye distance can be measured by the app so users can see whether certain pairs of glasses are fit to their faces.

3D face models can be turned around to be viewed from different angles by swiping them with one finger.

Different views and 360° panorama photos of the frames are included in the Product Details of the app.

3D face models can be saved and shared on social networks and can be embedded in any webpage as well.


The 3DefineMe app is built on our Mirror Stereo calibration technology that imitates the stereo processing ability of the human visual system. In the same way as we are able to perceive 3D by combining the images received by two eyes, the app can create 3D models of faces from the images taken with the front and rear cameras of an iOS device. As the two cameras of the mobile devices do not face in the same direction we use a mirror to ‘reposition’ the cameras as if they were placed on the same side of the device.

The Mirror Stereo technology is patented in Europe (EP 2866446 A1) and in the USA (US 20150116463 A1).


3DefineMe application
3DefineMe application
3DefineMe application
3DefineMe application